Internet Speeds for Optimal Performance

Internet Speeds for Optimal Performance

This is an excerpt from the August 2016 Shelby News Real Life Real Power "Getting Real with Marla & Internet Speed" located with in the Illinois Country Living Magazine.

Sometimes phone call's come into the cooperative's PWR-net office that begin with. "My Internet isn't working" or "My Internet is to slow."  The PWR-net CSRs begin the trouble-shooting process.  If the signal is determined to be working, our team must dig deeper. If slow Internet is the issue, more detective work gets underway.

A possible culprit is that your household's Internet demands exceed the capability of your plan.  The more applications (Internet Data Hogs) using the Internet at the same time will result in slower Internet responses for all. For example, if your plan is PWR-net Tier 1 and your household likes to play on-line video games, stream movies or view YouTube video clips, your Internet will definitely be slower than if only one person is on the Internet, say checking emails.

It is a matter of bandwidth congestion. Picture a large group of people walking quickly to a building. To enter the building, the people must slow down to pass through a door. The wider the door, the more people can pass through in less time (faster). Passing data online is the same concept. If your Internet plan is for narrow amounts of data, yet your household Internet activities use wide amounts, you many need to install a wider door (larger data package/plan).

PWR-net currently offers four packages. To check which plan you currently have, look at your most recent billing statement or call PWR-net at 217-774-2323 or toll free 877-994-2323. Once you know your package, determine if your Internet activities fall under that package's capabilities.  It is possible that your Internet needs have increased since your package was first established.

Use the chart below to help decide which Internet package best suits your needs. (Advertised speeds are for a wired connection - actual throughput is dependent upon ability of the customer premise equipment, such as, routers, switches, hubs, NIC cards, wireless networks, etc., to pass appropriate speeds.)


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