Line Clearance Contractor Crews Recognized

Line Clearance Contractor Crews Recognized


The cooperative recently recognized and thanked crews from Nelson's Tree Service for assisting with some tree clearing maintenance near the Taylorville area. Cooperative crews helped out Nelson's crews and when not working on work orders cooperative line crews have been doing quite a bit of Line maintenance as well the past several months. Pictured left to right: Cooperative Lineman Adam Schrock, Cooperative Forestry Apprentice Luke Morse, Rick Jaeger from Nelson's, Cooperative Lineman Roger Jones, Cooperative Forestry Line Foreman Kevin Carlen, Alan Jaeger, Tanner Thoele, and Charles Tucker from Nelson's.



Line Clearance Work is Ongoing on Rock Springs Road

(As of March 30, 2017 the work in this area has been completed)

The cooperative will have contractor crews helping with some line clearance up on Rock Springs Road. Nelson's tree service will begin work on Monday, March 6th.

Post cards (as seen) have been mailed out to members where crews will be working.

The map location numbers are E1102 thru E1130.

Any questions please call the cooperative at 1-800-677-2612. Cooperative offices are open Monday - Friday from 7AM to 4PM.

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