Propane Safety


  • One of the most versatile sources of energy in the nation.
  • Supplies 4% of total energy needs.
  • Exists as both a liquid and a gas.
  • Can be dangerous and must be used with caution.
  • Generally has a smell like rotten eggs, sewer gas, or a dead mouse.


If you smell gas:

Air Evac Lifeteam

When Seconds Count

Shelby Electric Cooperative has teamed up with Air Evac Lifeteam to offer air ambulance service memberships to area rural residents. The membership program enables Air Evac Lifeteam to provide this service in communities that otherwise might not be able to support an air ambulance. Air Evac Lifeteam was the first air ambulance company in the country to offer memberships for its service.

Peak Alert Scheduled for Today!

(This Alert is over -- could be one scheduled for Wednesday June 14 due to forecasted extreme temperatures)

PEAK ALERT SCHEDULED FOR TODAY (June 13) 2 pm to 6 pm ...

Do to extreme heat conditions today our power supplier, Prairie Power, Inc., has issued a Peak Alert Today (Tuesday, June 13).

What this means is members who have signed up for our interruptible rate plan or have disconnect switches on their water heaters -- your power will be interrupted this afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm.