Service Area Map

 Shelby Electric Cooperative serves all or parts of the following nine counties: Christian, Cumberland, Effingham, Fayette, Macon, Montgomery, Moultrie, Sanagamon and Shelby!

Shelby Electric Cooperative Service Area Map


Member Benefits






Shelby Electric Cooperative, in conjunction with the other Touchstone Energy cooperatives serving 17 million member-owners nationwide, has launched the Co-op ConnectionsSM Program

Cooperative donates Kill-A-Watt meters to local libraries.

Want to know why your electric bill is so high? Wondering if you’ll save by buying a new appliance? Worried about phantom load? We can help.

Understanding your energy consumption is the first step to knowing how to reduce it. With a Kill-A-Watt Meter, you can measure the energy usage of household appliances and electronics. By finding out how much they are using and taking the steps to make energy-saving adjustments, you can lower your utility costs year round.