Coloring Contest is Back

DEADLINE has passed. Thank you to all who submitted entries. We will announce winners soon.


It is time again for the Shelby Electric Cooperative’s annual coloring contest!

This year we are celebrating a cooperative icon, Willie Wirehand. Willie was created in 1951, so this will mark his 70th year in the rural electrification program.

Delivery Ticket Message from Shelby Energy Company

Shelby Energy Propane Customers take note:

During this pandemic our LP gas drivers were instructed to NOT LEAVE delivery tickets after propane fill ups. They have decided to continue this procedure from this point further. All delivery tickets will continue to be mailed to customers.

Even after the COVID protocol ends, Shelby Energy LP gas drivers will NO LONGER leave delivery tickets after propane fill ups. All delivery tickets will be mailed.

Need propane or have any questions please give us a call at 217-774-2311.

COVID-19 Update ...

Operational Update 3_01_2021

Our lobby is open ... hours are, Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm. Need anything or have questions, call us at 217-774-3986.


Operational Update 2_22_2021

All employees will begin returning to the office this week ... The lobby will be back open on March 1. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7am to 4pm.

• The DRIVE THROUGH WILL REMAIN OPEN and both drop boxes will be available

Drive-up window is open

As a convenience to our members, the cooperative added a drive-up payment window and it is now open during business hours (Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm). On holidays, weekends, and after-hours there is a drop box payment slot just to the right of the drive-thru window.