UPay - a Prepaid Electic Service from your Cooperative

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Real power solutions to fit your way of life.

Have you ever wished you could take control of your energy consumption?  Now you can with UPay, a prepay energy solution from Shelby Electric Cooperative.

UPay works best for members wanting to take control of thier electric use and monitor consumption.  Research has found using the prepaid method of buying electricity can actually save you money by reducing your consumption.

UPay allows you to:

  • Control your energy use and budget
  • Pay for energy as you use it
  • Purchase electricity on your schedule
  • Monitor and reduce energy use
  • Pay as you go, no monthly bills
  • Have greater flexibility with seasonal homes
  • Pay and manage a family member's bill
  • Control your budget if you are on a fixed income
  • Control and manage electric consumption on rental property
  • Enjoy savings with reduced consumption

UPay prepay from Shelby Electric Cooperative gives members the control to monitor their electric consumption on a regular basis which allows the member to notice patterns in their day-to-day use.

The beauty of the UPay program is that it fits YOUR budget.  You can buy enough electricity to last until payday or you can buy enough to last several months.

The choice is yours!

For more information, please contact Vicki or Dannette at 217-774-3986 or 1-800-677-2612