Shelby Electric Cooperative / Shelbyville, Illinois / 800-677-2612

We take great pride in providing you with safe and reliable electric service. There are times, though, when our best efforts aren’t quite enough to keep your lights on.


  1. Check the fuses or breakers in your home and at the meter pole if you are able to.
  2. Check with your neighbors to see if their power is also off.
  3. Call Shelby Electric Cooperative to report your outage (800) 677-2612. When you call to report an outageplease include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Account number
  • Phone number of person at the account location
  • Service address

You can report your outage via SmartHub - click here - or download the SmartHub app on your favorite device.


Click here to view our real time outage map - View map by County, Township, or Zip Code. The map updates every 5 minutes.

During an outage, the best way to stay informed about our restoration efforts is check this website or our Facebook page(link is external). DO NOT REPORT YOUR OUTAGE VIA FACEBOOK!

If you use a generator during an outage, please make sure it is used safely. For your safety, and the safety of our employees, we require the use of a transfer switch when using a generator. It should be automatic, or a double-pull, double-throw type manual switch.

How do we decide how to restore power? Our goal is to restore service to the greatest number of members in the shortest amount of time. Because of the interconnected nature of an electric distribution system, we must start our work at the power source and work out toward the individual services along the system. Hazardous conditions, such as downed power lines, must be attended to quickly. These are the service restoration priorities:

  1. Transmission lines: High voltage lines that move bulk electricity from a generating plant to a substation or between substations.
  2. Substations: Substations are electrical facilities that contain equipment for switching or regulating the voltage of electricity. These lower the amount of electrical voltage from transmission lines so that the electricity can be transmitted through distribution lines.
  3. Main distribution lines: The 7,200-volt lines that you see along roadways.
  4. Tap lines: Electric feeder lines with limited capacity that run from a main distribution line and serve small numbers of consumers.
  5. Individual service: This is the line that runs from the pole transformer to your electric meter.

See a downed power line? STAY CLEAR and call Shelby Electric Cooperative right away at (800) 677-2612 to report the downed line. 

  • Stay away from power lines, meters, transformers and electrical boxes.
  • Don’t climb trees near power lines.
  • Never fly kites, remote control airplanes, drones or balloons near power lines.
  • If you get something stuck in a power line, call your Touchstone Energy co-op for assistance.
  • Keep a safe distance from overhead power lines when working with ladders or installing objects such as antennas.
  • ​​​​​​Never touch or go near a downed power line.
  • Don’t touch anything that may be touching a downed wire, such as a car.
  • Keep children and pets away.

Whether you are playing outdoors with your children or working on landscaping projects, cleaning your gutters, or pool; keep a safe distance from power lines and other equipment your co-op uses to provide electricity to your home.

If you depend on medical equipment for life-support, we recommend that you purchase a back-up power supply or arrange to stay with family or friends. In a major outage, we are unable to give you priority in restoring your electric service. We would, though, like to know if you have life-support equipment at your service location. Please let us know by sending us an email or by calling us at 800-824-5102.

If a power line falls on a car or vehicle while you are in it, you should STAY INSIDE THE VEHICLE. This is the safest place to stay. Warn people not to touch the car or the line. Call or ask someone to call the local cooperative and emergency services.

The only circumstance in which you should consider leaving a car that is in contact with a downed power line is if the vehicle catches on fire. If that happens, open the door, but do not step out of the car because you may receive a shock. Instead, keeping both feet together, jump free of the car so that your body clears the vehicle before touching the ground. Once you clear the car, shuffle at least 50 feet away, with both feet on the ground.

As in all power line related emergencies, call for help immediately by dialing 911 or call Shelby Electric Cooperative at (800) 677-2612.

Do NOT try to help someone else from the car, truck, tractor, or combine while you are standing on the ground.